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At Gemega Imaging, we strive to make the best possible scans from your slides, negatives and photos, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and scanning software to produce the finest product possible.

  • Every slide, negative, and photo is scanned individually by hand using professional-grade scanners
  • Every scan is previewed, analyzed, and corrected to acquire the best possible results
  • One TIFF and one JPEG file is created for each scan and returned to you on a CD or DVD

You may be surprised to learn that your cherished moments captured on film have deteriorated over time and continue to do so with each passing day. We’ve all seen old photographs with faded and odd looking colors. The same thing is happening to the slides and negatives you have stored in a closet somewhere.

When was the last time you lugged out the slide projector and gathered up all your old slides to put on a family slide show? That's when most of us discover what time and the elements can do to our irreplaceable slide collection. Well, there's something you can do about it and with innovative features like the following, we make digitizing your slides, negatives, and photos a quick and easy process: 

  • You can place an order over the Web using our simple order form or call us
  • You can preview your scanned slides and negatives over the Web
  • You can design the look and layout of your DVD slide show over the Web

Preserving your slides, negatives, and photos is a one-time expenditure, so do it right the first time and you’ll never have to worry about it again. And, with all of your scanned images digitized and stored on a CD or DVD, you'll have the added convenience to view them on a home computer or TV, email them or make copies for family and friends, or print and frame them if you like. DVD Slide Shows and Photo CDs make a terrific gift, too.

Take a look around our site to find out more about our slide scanning, film scanning, photo scanning, and DVD slide show services. If you have any questions, visit the FAQ page that we're continually updating as new issues and questions arise. You can always email us at or visit the Contact page to submit a question over the Web.

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